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Drupal Solutions Architect

Position Description

Drupal Geeks is currently seeking a well-rounded Drupal Architect who is capable of moving comfortably between theming and module development, and who possesses both analytical and technical skills. The Solutions Architect is a dynamic individual work closely with sales, business development, and marketing and development teams.

Job Responsibilities

Drupal Architects work closely with project managers and Drupal developers to complete Drupal related projects. Drupal architects are expected to meet deadlines, communicate effectively, and work efficiently.  In addition architects will be responsible for:

  • Troubleshooting performance problems and fine tuning applications and environments
  • Taking leadership of technical pre-sales and complex project sales
  • Identifying technical risks
  • Ensuring that delivered solutions meet technical and functional requirements
  • Providing support and technical guidance to multiple clients, simultaneously
  • Providing the expertise required to review, advise,  and assist in the selection of appropriate functionalities


  • Proficiency in PHP, SQL, JQuery, CSS, and Views
  • Experienced in the optimization and fine tuning of Drupal
  • Experience with the implementation of Varnish, Solr, GeoIP, Commerce, Ubercart, and CRM integration
  • Skilled in all aspects of web development with extensive PHP, Drupal 6, and 7 experience
  • Experience in leadership and presentation skills preferred

How to Apply

Please send us your resume, including references, along with a portfolio of any custom work that you may have done.