Delivering user-friendly digital platform for a leading law school in two sprints!

A largest private law and graduate institution approached us to revamp their website that was visually unappealing, tough to navigate, not having the flexibility to quickly edit or publish the content, and poor in performance and responsiveness.

Revamping non-profit organization’s digital platform to provide a deeply personalized experience!

A national non-profit organization that serves people suffering from brain disease and seizure disorders approached us to revamp their digital platform to offer deeply engaging experiences for their users throughout the journey, improve engagement and conversions.

Building a scalable and high-performing drupal platform for a community college to conduct a virtual graduation ceremony

The pandemic has taken a huge toll on many industries especially the education sector where the school, colleges, and universities had to suspend classes, close-down campuses, and postpone exams and rely on digital mediums for the continuation of the schedules.